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About us

National Information Center

 In 1986, the State Council approved establishment of the national economic information system and the national economic information center.
 In January 1987, National Information Center was established based on National Bureau of Statistics, and the Computation Center, the Prediction Center and the Information Management Office of National Development and Reform Commission.
In 2012, with the approval of State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform, National Information Center was granted the plaque of Administration Center of National E-Government Network, to be responsible for operation, maintenance and relevant administration work of National E-Government Network.
Since establishment, it has taken information resources development and scientific decision support as its mission and focused on decision support service, information technology service and information contents, under direct leadership of National Development and Reform Commission.

International Data Group (IDG)


International Data Group (IDG), found in 1964, operates as the world's biggest technology media, research, exhibition and venture investment company with its headquarters located at Boston, USA. At present, it has subsidiaries and branches over 90 countries and regions. By 2011, IDG has 13,000 employees and enjoyed an annual sales volume amounting to about USD 5 billion, thus ranking first in the industry.



With the great support of IDG, IDG World Expo, a branch of IDG, devotes itself to organization of professional exhibition and meeting. With its industrial advantage and rich professional experiences, it organizes over 30 international exhibitions and professional meetings in China each year, and 20 special discussions and demonstration meetings for information industrial circles in foreign countries. Core topics include: IT, communication, consumer electronics, environmental protection, venture investment, culture and art. The internationalization degree of those professional meeting is second to none. Half of the meeting sponsors and exhibitors are world-renowned enterprises.


Superior resources: accurate market research, rich media resource, and famous investment team

Three unique advantages of IDG: the ability to research into the smart city field; the influence on the media publishing industry; the ability to make capital investment in excellent projects/enterprises. Combination of the Smart City Expo and Smart City Development Summit Forum 2014, together with professional market research companies of IDG and technology, management and consumer media of over 300 types in the world will provide the exhibition with professional consulting service and publicity and promotion worldwide.

IDG meeting and exhibition